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  SAFRÀ IBIZA - Restaurant Eatery - Specialties from the Middle East- Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain


Safrà Ibiza - Restaurant Eatery in Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain

- Eatery serving Specialties from the Middle East -

Safrà Ibiza - Outside terraceSafrà Ibiza - Modern, minimalistic interior
In the center of IBIZA island, in a small pretty village, Santa Gertrudis, a new restaurant, of MIDDLE EAST FOOD, has been recently opened:
Safrà Ibiza.

The founder of the restaurant, Moshe, arrived to IBIZA more than 20 years ago and has been captured by the beauty and the relaxation of this small Balearic island.
In order to live on the island Moshe has left his skill as Industrial designer and dedicate his time to establish his own construction company: Casaforma Dinamica, a company specialized in sustainable construction methods, that has been running successfully until now.
Due to the crisis that construction is experiencing these days, and as result of bad planning of the islands development, limitation of land to build on, bureaucracy, etc. Moshe decided to add another activity to what he does,.........something he always wanted to do......Open a Middle East restaurant.

During his first years in Ibiza, Moshe, in various occasions, already tried to introduce, some Middle east food, such as : ’falafel’ Hummus, and other specialties.
Some of the places where he has tried this, were: Las Dalias, a new market on the way to Sant Antonio, and also in private occasions.
Unfortunately in those days, these initiatives did not last. Nowadays, as Spain in general, and IBIZA, in particular, became more open to experiencing different types of food, Moshe felt that times were ready to open an Middle East Restaurant.

It is a challenge to open a new restaurant in a small village, already home to quite a lot of restaurants of all kinds, Spanish, Italian, Japanese etc., but since nowadays Santa Gertrudis is rapidly becoming a more cosmopolitan town, it was ready to have a new nice and small eatery, dedicated to Middle Eastern food.
Safrà Ibiza serves meat dishes besides Vegetarian food, something not that common in Spain, being a country of mainly meat eaters...

Safrà Ibiza, with inviting light & modern interior, was opened in March 2009, and was since then frequented by many enthusiastic guests.
Both locals and visitors enjoy its delicious, authentic dishes & tapas from the Middle East, all prepared with the freshest ingredients and served with great care and attention by very friendly staff.
Families with children and vegetarians are well taken care of, with deliciously, tasteful and healthy dishes.

Safrà Ibiza - Restaurant Eatery that prepares its dishes with the freshest ingredients


Owner and founder Moshe in his successful new eatery - Safrà IbizaServing: kebab, shaslick, shoarma, falafel, humus, tahini & tapas, vegetarian dishes + fresh pita and several wonderful, fresh salads
Proud owner Moshe in his successful new eatery - Safrà Ibiza

The menu of Safrà Ibiza shows:

- Kebab, Shawarma, Shishlik, falafel, humus, Tahini, Babaganush
  & other authentic tapas

- several wonderful, fresh salads,

- delicious desserts such as Baklavas, Malabi and other special
  Middle Eastern sweets

* Vegetarians can enjoy quite various dishes!!

Safrà Ibiza also offers TAKE AWAY food

Safrà Ibiza - Kebab & Pita dish
Safrà - Kebab & Pita dish

Safrà Ibiza - Humus finds its origin in the Middle East
Safrà - Humus


Safrà Ibiza - tapasSafrà Ibiza - Menu is prepared with the freshest ingredients
                     Safrà - tapas                         Safrà - decorated with fresh vegetables

  SAFRÀ IBIZA - Opening Hours and Contact details
Safrà Ibiza - Restaurant Eatery in Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza

Safrà Ibiza

- Restaurant  Eatery -

Open every day & all year !!
Safrà Ibiza invites you to a special breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner or if you prefer tapas.
OPEN every day & all year!! February CLOSED !!
In Summer: all week from 10.00 till late.
In Winter: all week from 13.00 till evening.
Santa Gertrudis (opposite La Caixa),
Ibiza, Balearics, Spain
Tel.: 971 197 949

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